TV’s Longest Sustained Laugh, plus A Glimpse Inside the Obama White House: Next on TVC

Emmy Award-winning writers Rick Hawkins and Geoffrey Mark and iconic actress, comedian, filmmaker and photographer Anna Wilding will join us for a brand new edition of TV CONFIDENTIAL, airing Friday at 7pm ET and PT on Share-a-Vision Radio,

Calendar year 2019 marks the eightieth anniversary of the original theatrical release of Gone with the Wind, the epic length Oscar-winning movie that was also the inspiration for one of the most, if not the most, famous movie parodies on The Carol Burnett Show—that being “Went with the Wind,” the sketch that, as most of you probably know, also contains the longest sustained laugh in television history.

Joining us this week will be Rick Hawkins, the Emmy Award-winning staff writer for The Carol Burnett Show who co-wrote the “Went with the Wind” sketch with Liz Sage. Rick’s stint on the Burnett show launched a thirty-year career as a television writer and producer that included an Emmy Award, seven Emmy nominations, five WGA nominations, and more than 600 television credits, including writing and producing such popular shows as Punky Brewster, Major Dad, and Sister, Sister, and writing the original two-hour made-for-TV movie that ultimately led to The Love Boat.

We’ll ask Rick about the back story of “Went with the Wind,” including how the sketch almost never made it on the air, as well as how Carol Burnett’s performance as Scarlett during the famous “curtail rod dress” sequence had as much to do with the audience reaction to that moment as the outlandish outfit itself. We’ll also talk about the three years that Rick spent in Russia in the early 2000s, during which time he adapted such popular American shows as Married with Children, Everybody Loves Raymond, and I Dream of Jeannie to Russian audiences on behalf of Sony International. Rick Hawkins will join us during our second hour.

Also this week: We will welcome award-winning actress, director, comedian, producer and iconic still photographer Anna Wilding. Considered iconic both for her work on screen and behind the camera, Anna added a new chapter to her eclectic career when she spent two years (2015-2017) as a member of the White House press corps, mostly under the Obama Administration. During that time, Anna worked as a photographer and occasional reporter for the Herald de Paris, Huffington Post and an Israeli television network, while some of her photos of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were shared worldwide through Splash News and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Celebrate Hope, a collection of photographs that Anna took during her stint as a White House press photographer, not only offers the public a rare opportunity to experience the “People’s House” through up-close-and-personal images of President and First Lady Obama as they inhabit the West and East Wings, but, in many ways, reveals the humanity behind these two highly scrutinized public figures. Anna Wilding will share a few of the back stories of these images, and more, when she joins us in our first hour.

Celebrate Hope will be on display at The Palos Verdes Art Center Museum in Rancho Palos Verdes, California through Sunday, July 7. For more information, call (310) 541-2479 or visit

Plus: Emmy Award-winning and Grammy Award-nominated writer, producer, performer, author, music and TV historian, and showbiz raconteur Geoffrey Mark will join us during our first hour for a remembrance of singer, actress, and animal rights activist Doris Day.

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