Kat Kramer, plus a Tribute to Peter Mark Richman: Next on TVC

Singer, actress, comedienne and producer Kat Kramer, plus we’ll remember actor, author, and Renaissance man Peter Mark Richman on the next edition of TV CONFIDENTIAL, airing Friday at 7pm ET and PT on Share-a-Vision Radio, KSAV.org

The daughter of actress Karen Sharpe Kramer and iconic filmmaker Stanley Kramer, Kat Kramer is an award-winning actress, singer, comedienne, and producer in her own right. One of the cast members (as well as one of the producers) of the uplifting independent film Turnover, Kat also played a host of characters, including soap opera diva Frances Rye, in the very funny web comedy series Child of the ’70s.

Kat’s heartfelt musical tribute to Lily Tomlin is among the many videos that you can enjoy on demand—and for free—right now on the new HMP Celebrity Showcase YouTube channel. Launched in December 2020, the HMP Celebrity Showcase features highlights from some of the many tributes to radio and TV luminaries that have been presented over the years by Hollywood Media Professionals, the premier networking organization for radio and TV professionals (formerly known as Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters). As HMP events are usually membership-exclusive, these videos are available for public viewing for the first time and provide a front row seat to Hollywood royalty. Lily Tomlin was the HMP Celebrity Showcase honoree for the month of December; Rich Little is the honoree for January, while the late Carl Reiner will be honored in February. New videos are posted every Sunday on the HMP Celebrity Showcase YouTube channel.

Kat will tell us about her tribute to Lily Tomlin, plus we’ll talk about Mother’s Day Memories, the acclaimed short film featuring Kat that explores the effects of Alzheimer’s disease on families; the various comedians who inspired the characters that Kat created for Child of the ’70s; and the legend behind the haunted house in Hollywood in which she was born. Kat Kramer will join us in our second hour.

Also this week: We remember Peter Mark Richman, the accomplished actor, author, artist, and Renaissance man who passed away on Thursday, Jan. 14 at age 93. Though mostly known by TV viewers for playing bad guys (particularly whenever he appeared on shows produced by Quinn Martin), Peter Mark starred as good guys both on Longstreet and Cain’s Hundred, plus he had a recurring role as Chrissy’s father, Reverend Snow, on the early years of Three’s Company. He also enjoyed a concurrent career as a writer for the stage, for film, and long and short fiction. Peter Mark’s play A Medal for Murray was translated into Hebrew, premiered in Tel Aviv and enjoyed a two-year run in Israel. He also received a Drama Critics Award for his play 4 Faces (which he later adapted into a film), plus he published a novel, Hollander’s Deal; a book of short stories, The Rebirth of Ira Masters; several one-act plays; and his autobiography, I Saw a Molten White Light.

We spoke to Peter Mark Richman twice on TV Confidential: once in 2011, and again in 2018. We’ll play highlights from both of those conversations during our first hour.

Plus: This being January, some of us might still be thinking about what we’d like to do or achieve in 2021, either personally or professionally. With that in mind, actress and author Sterling Mire will join us in our second hour to talk about AOM, the Art of Manifestation, a proven four-step method that explains the creation process in a simple, concrete way that can help you achieve your goals and avoid the obstacles that can get in your way. Sterling will give us an idea of how AOM works, plus she’ll share the story of how a chance encounter with actor Gary Oldman set her on the path of mastering manifestation.

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