David Cummings is a guest on Getting To Know You

Hi Everyone,

My guest on Tuesday’s show is David Cummings. You know David because he hosts “Mostly Music” every Thursday evening here on KSAV.org. He also hosts a show on KFAI FM in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

I googled David Cummings and tried to find some information about him but …. I’m determined to get to know him since I couldn’t find out a thing about him.

So, since he told me he is in “The Witness Protection Program” I thought it only fair for all of us to get to know him, Tuesday on “Getting to Know You” at 6:30 p.m. pacific and eastern time right here on KSAV.org.

I guess he won’t be in that “Protection Program” anymore ….

See ya Tuesday night,

Susan McCray

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