Stacy Keach, Sixty Years of Lucy, and the Passing of Steve Jobs: Next on TV CONFIDENTIAL

Actor Stacy Keach, inventor Gary Greenberg, writer/producer Joseph Dougherty, authors Barry Monush and James Sheridan, pop culture historian Robert J. Thompson will be our guests on the next edition of TV CONFIDENTIAL, Friday at 7pm ET and PT on Share-a-Vision Radio,

John Huston once said that Stacy Keach “is not just a star… he is a constellation. The audience will come to see whatever character he plays.” And whether you think of Keach as King Lear, Ken Titus, the narrator of the Twilight Zone radio dramas or Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, the Golden Globe Award-winning actor has continued to captivate audiences on stage, screen and television for more than five decades.

Long interested in the study of science, Stacy Keach recently collaborated with artist, inventor and scientist Dr. Gary Greenberg on Mary’s Magic Microscope: The Sand Bandit, the first in a series of children’s books featuring a modern-day Nancy Drew that Stacy and Gary hope will inspire middle-school aged kids to discover the wonders and the possibilities of science fact. We’ll talk about the book, as well as other aspects of Stacy’s distinguished acting career, when Stacy and Gary join us in our second hour.

In our first hour, we’ll celebrate the 60th anniversary of the premiere of I Love Lucy along with James Sheridan and Barry Monush, co-authors of Lucille Ball FAQ: Everything Left to Know About America’s Favorite Redhead. James and Barry provide Lucy fans with a dispensable look at the Original Queen of Comedy, from her life growing up, her love interests, her various inspirations, and a ton of information about her films and TV series, including I Love Lucy.

Also this week: We’ll play Part 2 of our conversation with Emmy winner Joseph Dougherty, one of the writers and producers of Pretty Little Liars, which continues its second season with a special stand-alone episode, “The First Secret,” that will air Tuesday, Oct. 19 on ABC Family. Plus: Robert J. Thompson, professor of popular television at Syracuse University, with a look of the legacies of Steve Jobs and A.C. Nielsen, Jr.

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