Dave White Presents

When we say the stars come out for “Dave White Presents,” our next show really proves we mean it!

 On Tues. Oct. 25, DWP celebrates The Kingston Trio with founding member Bob Shane. Without question, this group was one of the most influential ensembles in music history. We’ll explore why. Bob, long noted for his humor, is also a great story teller with more anecdotes than we could squeeze into a half-hour conversation. This means you’ll hear 30 minutes of some lively, engaging, and informative music history and surprises. Did you know the author of “Tom Dooley” was Tom Dooley himself?

 Then, how about Clint Eastwood,  Garrison Keillor, Vince Gill, Emmylou Harris, Sheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, Ricky Skaggs, and Jimmy Buffett? All these performers joined producer Carl Jackson for a superb 2 CD set called MARK TWAIN: WORDS AND MUSIC. It’s the story of Samuel Langhorne Clemens told in words by Eastwood, Keillor, and Buffett along with a batch of new songs from a ton of Nashville stars. Carl Jackson joins Wes Britton to share how this project came to be. We’ll feature some of the words and of course some choice music!

We didn’t forget Hollywood as Dave White interviews PBS radio host Gene Arceri, author of BROOKLYN’S SCARLETT SUSAN HAYWARD: FIRE IN THE WIND. While she didn’t get the role of Ms. O’Hara in gone with the wind, there seems to have been a lot of Scarlett in an actress who went   on to have multiple Academy Award nominations for playing troubled women. We’ll take you behind the scenes of a story that mixed the bitter with the sweet.   

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