Dave White Presents

We’re going behind the scenes in Hollywood and on the road with the Beat Generation on the next “Dave white Presents”!

On April 23, the folks behind World Book Day called MAKE YOUR MOVIE: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE BUSINESS AND POLITICS OF FILMMAKING a new Film Bible. Author Barbara Freedman Doyle, with 20 years experience with studios like Tri-Star and Disney, knows what aspiring directors, writers, and producers need to know to get their projects off the ground the right way. But you don’t have to be inside show biz to be interested in how and why some movies are made and others not. So next Tuesday, May 8, Barbara’s conversation with Dave White will be one for all film buffs!

The same is true of Dave’s interview with Sai Achath, author of HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES: BASIC THINGS YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW. What’s different about this collection of stories about 55 living actors is that each short bio is accompanied by a unique caricature by the author. In fact, Sai Achath is a well-known cartoonist, ventriloquist, and hand shadow artist. He’ll tell you all about these arcane arts with everything but pictures on DWP!

Then, just in time for the May 23 release of Jack Kerouac’s ON THE ROAD starring Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, and Kristen Stewart, Wes Britton chats with Barry Gifford, co-author of the newly re-issued JACK’S BOOK: AN ORAL BIOGRAPHY OF JACK KEROUAC. When Barry’s book first came out in 1978, it became a classic and inspired many “oral histories” to follow. It’s never been out of print and remains an essential window into the world of Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and their circle. Find out why—where else?–on the next edition of “Dave White Presents”!

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