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Dick Wagner talks Alice Cooper and Lou Reed in the Thanksgiving Feast Edition of Dave White Presents!

The menu includes: Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.

That’s pretty much the story of guitarist/songwriter Dick Wagner. Back in the ’60s, he met and played with idols like Little Richard, Roy Orbison, and BB King. After a stint with the Michigan band, Frost, Wagner came to national prominence as half of the guitar duo on Lou Reed’s Rock and Roll Animal. That gig lead to his becoming an axeman and songwriting collaborator with Alice Cooper for four albums. His resume now includes playing with, writing for, or producing Billy Joel, Meatloaf, Tina Turner, Tim Curry, Kiss, Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel, and Air Supply. Songs he wrote or co-wrote include “Only Women Bleed,” “Welcome to my Nightmare,” and “Shine Silently” with past DWP guest, Nils Lofgren.

Dick tells many of his stories in his new book, Not Only Women Bleed, Vignettes from the Heart of a Musician. He also shares some of them with you on the next DWP and we’ll play you some new Alice Cooper and hot off the press Dick Wagner music we bet you haven’t heard before . . .

Now, since this is a Thanksgiving special, we thought we’d throw in some healthy news before you get to gobbling everything in sight! So Dave White chats with Dr. Matt Mumber, an oncologist at the Harbin Clinic in Rome, GA. They’ll  discuss his book, Sustainable Wellness, which is all about how to develop a more individual method to promote health and wellbeing rather than a one size fits all fad style regimen.

 For dessert, we’ll explore the reasons old-fashioned vinyl albums are having such a revival. Andy Camm, owner of the Record Connection in Ephrata, PA, reveals how records are not just for lovers of second-hand music anymore. Did you know that major and minor labels alike are putting out new releases on CD, as downloads, and on those old black grooves again? Why? And what is the annual Record Day all about?

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