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CBGB (the film), “Hot Rod Lincoln,” and “Fight Card” novels on “Dave White Presents”!


If you haven’t heard, this month will see the release of a major motion picture called CBGB. Of course, it’s a film about the legendary New York rock club that helped launch the punk/ New Wave movement.      Bands associated with CBGB include Blondie, The Ramones, Television, the Talking Heads, the Stooges, and the Flamin’ Groovies. That just scratches the surface. After all, the tag line for the film is “50,000 Bands and One Disgusting Bathroom.”


On Tues. Oct. 8, the Musical Supervisor for the film and the accompanying soundtrack, Brad Rosenberger,   comes to DWP and will take you behind the scenes and share how this tribute to the man who created CBGB, Hilly Crystal, came about. He’ll talk about the actors and the rock stars they portray, how the music was selected and staged, and what’s going on at the 2nd Annual CBGB Musical Festival in New York. As a bonus, we’ll also play for you Blondie’s newly re-recorded version of “Sunday Girl” that will debut in the film. You don’t want to miss this one!


“Son, you’re going to drive me to drinking if you don’t stop driving that hot rod Lincoln.”


While the original record of “Hot Rod Lincoln” came out in 1955, most of us know it best from the third version Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airman released in 1972. Actually, the 8-piece Lost Planet Airmen came together in 1967 merging country, rockabilly, Western swing, and jump blues. The original lineup included Commander Cody (George Frayne) on keyboards and Bill Kirchen on his pioneering twangy lead guitar. This   group was known for some of the longest live shows of the era influencing folks like the Grateful Dead.


While the band broke up in 1976, Kirchen has kept the rough-edged rockabilly flame burning which you can hear anew on his new album, SEEDS AND STEMS. On that very hot release, Kirchen revisits many of the songs from the Commander Cody days including a very, very, very surprising version of “Hot Rod Lincoln.” Trust us on this one. The new incarnation of the story includes one of the most amazing musical histories ever played by one band. We’ll prove it on the next “Dave White Presents” when Bill Kirchen joins Wes Britton on a fast-paced trip racing down memory lane.


Created by past DWP guest Paul Bishop & Mel Odom, the “Fight Card” books are monthly 25000 word novelettes inspired by the noir fight pulps of the ’30s and ’40s. To date, nearly 25 authors   have contributed volumes in what is a rather unique project in publishing history. Sort of The Untouchables meets Rocky.


On Oct. 8, Bishop returns to DWP to discuss the series along with one of the authors, Carol Malone. They’ll discuss the content and flavor of the books along with how they’re marketing the books differently on Amazon and then as snazzy paperbacks. You too can join the “Fight Card” universe, and we’ll tell you how to jump in on a very rock ’em, sock em “Dave White Presents”!     


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