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Remembering Arif Mardin, Vincent Price, and New Music from The Standells on “Dave White Presents”!


The Young Rascals. The Bee Gees. Areatha Franklin. Bette Midler. Dusty Springfield. The Average White Band. Phil Collins. Judy Collins. Willie Nelson. Carly Simon. Jewel. Hall and Oates. Nora Jones. Chacka Khan.


All these performers and many more have one thing in common. They were all produced by the legendary Arif Mardin. For over 50 years, Mardin was an innovative composer, arranger, engineer, and producer whose career   included over 40 gold and platinum albums, over 15 Grammy nominations, and 12 Grammy Awards.


On Oct. 22, we’ll remember Arif Mardin when his son Joe comes to DWP to talk about the new documentary, The Greatest Ears in Town: The Arif Mardin Story.   It’s an impressive story indeed. It  begins with Mardin’s childhood in Turkey, his being discovered by Quincy Jones, and then his 40 years working during many fruitful projects with Atlantic Records. That started with the Rascals’ “Good Lovin'”, went into the disco era when Mardin inspired Barry Gibb to come up with his distinctive falsetto vocals, and then into hip-hop when Mardin engineered Chacka Khan’s “I Feel For You.”


So The Greatest Ears in Town is an opportunity for you to get an insider’s view into the art of record making with insights from the likes of Sir George Martin, Quincy Jones, and many of the musicians Mardin groomed and nurtured.     Of course, “Dave White Presents” will not only feature Joe Mardin’s conversation with Wes Britton, you’ll also hear Bette Midler’s lively tribute to Mardin and a song that features performers from the Average White Band to The Rascals to Barry and Robin Gibb to Phil Collins to Hall and Oates—all on one classic track together!


In case you thought we forgot it’s Halloween, how about author Joel Eisner talking about his book, The Price of Fear: The Film Career of Vincent Price, In His Own Words? You remember Price, star of House of Wax, The Fly, House on Haunted Hill, The Pit and the Pendulum, Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine and many others? 


Before his death on Oct. 25, 1993, Price collaborated with Eisner to compile a definitive, official biography of his life and career in films. Sanctioned by the Vincent Price Estate and daughter Victoria, the book is told through interviews with Price himself and the cooperation, conversations and quotes from many of those with whom Price worked with throughout his career. Talking with the spooky Dave White, Eisner describes the beloved star’s creation of the suave, sophisticated villain as well as the fun Price had on both the large and small screens, like portraying “Egghead” on TV’s Batman.


Most of us remember The Standells for their 1966 one hit wonder, “Dirty Water,” now the anthem for nearly every Boston sports team.         Did you know they also appeared in many teenage exploitation flicks like Riot on Sunset Strip and on TV series like Ben Casey and The Munsters? Did you know drummer and singer Dick Dodd was a Former Mouseketeer?


On the Oct. 22 DWP, original and current member Larry Tamblyn shares a very surprising rock history.       For example, The Standells formed in 1962 and were a performing band before the British Invasion when there were few such groups on the scene. While “Dirty Water” forever associates the band with Boston, none of the band members had ever been to Beantown before they recorded the song. Now, 45 years after their last album, The Standells are back with their classic garage-rock sound on Bump, a record appropriately recorded in a garage. We’ll play two crunchin’ new tracks sure to remind you why you liked AM radio back in the day.


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