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Star Trekking with Walter Koenig, The Allman Brothers, and the Final Films of Hollywood’s Greatest Directors on the Next *Dave White Presents*!


Among the new faces on the second season of *Star Trek* was a young ensign named Pavel Chekov, played by Russian-American actor Walter Koenig.   You remember Chekov—the one with the bad Monkees wig, the screams, and the claims that pretty much every cultural innovation occurred in Russia. But, as chronicled in author Marc Cushman’s *These Are the Voyages- The True History of Star Trek: The Original Series, Season Two*, Chekov wasn’t the only change in the series.


On March 25, DWP digs into the story of *Star Trek’s* second year when both Marc Cushman and Walter Koenig join together to take you behind-the-scenes of a legendary time. Even the most knowledgeable fans will likely hear new surprises as Marc discusses the role of producers Gene Coon and D.C. Fontana and why his book has more information on how all the episodes were created than any previous history. And, even though Walter has been answering fan questions for years at all those cons, you should expect stories you’ve not heard before as well! For example,  Walter shares how he looked over the scripts to see if he was still in the show and why he didn’t have a contract, how *Star Trek* has impacted his family, how he felt going to Russia at the invitation of *Babylon 5* fans, and why he thinks you should buy Marc’s book! After all these years, even a major participant in the legend learned many things he didn’t know—


In 1971, the Allman Brothers Band hit the big-time with their classic *At the Fillmore* live double-album. Back then, the group was led by virtuoso guitarist Duane Allman along with his brother Gregg (vocals, organ), Dickey Betts (lead guitar, vocals), Berry Oakley (bass), and dual drummers Butch Trucks and Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson. Within a year, both Duane and Berry had died.  The ABB re-grouped and had their most popular success in 1973 with “Ramblin’ Man.” After that, the institution of the Allman Brothers Band went through so many twists and turns that the full story is a very complex saga indeed.

Ironically, we know now that 2014 is the last year of the ABB, so Alan Paul’s *ONE WAY OUT: THE INSIDE STORY OF THE ALLMAN BROTHERS* is the perfect time for all the participants of the group to tell their own story. *One Way Out* is just that—over 60 musicians, managers, roadies, and sisters share their perspectives about how it all unfolded. Paul tells you what his book does that none has offered before in an in-depth and often surprising interview with Wes Britton. It all goes back to the vision of Duane Allman, and we’ll play some musical samples to remind you why Duane remained an important influence on his group, even four decades after his passing.



It was just a few months back when producer and film critic Nat Segalof came to DWP to discuss his book, *STIRLING SILLIPHANT: THE FINGERS OF GOD*. On our next show, Nat returns, this time to discuss even more Hollywood directors, *Final Cuts: The Last Films Of 50 Great Directors*. Drawing from access to private papers, production records, never-before-published interviews, and specialized archives, *Final Cuts* is intriguing readers by who was featured and who wasn’t in his book. Nat and Dave White talk about how the directors were chosen and discuss the final films of folks like Robert Altman, Alfred Hitchcock, Fred Zinneman, and Sidney Lumet among others. This is one conversation for you to compare your own ideas with those of two very knowledgeable film buffs—


So it’s variety entertainment again with a TV classic, a powerhouse rock institution, and a look back to memorable movies on the next *Dave White Presents*, Tuesday, March 25 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, then 7:30 Pacific over–



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